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May 16th - June 6th

Thursday Evenings (League Night)
  • Makeup nights can be arranged with another league member on any night ASP is open

  • Deadline to register for the league is May 23rd

  • League Fee $60 for non-members, $40 for ASP members

  • 4-week individual score

  • A second, 5 Week 3D Team shoot and championship league to follow, beginning in early July (more info to follow

  • Modified Compound Bowhunter Class Format

  • NO scope magnification allowed

  • NO front stabilizers longer than 15” from the riser

  • Adjustable slider sights allowed

  • Rangefinders welcomed and encouraged

  • Submit your top 16 of 18 scores each week.

  • Each week, Archers need to get a scorecard and weekly game information from the clubhouse, prior to shooting your round

  • Must have a Minimum of (2) Archers going out together for (Scorer/Caller)

  • We can pair you up with another shooter if you are by yourself

  • We will loosely follow the ASA/OPA Rules and Regulations, with more detail available in League handouts available in the clubhouse

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